Friday, January 28, 2011

Poems for my friend

Abruptly awake
From dreaming of us again
My pillow is wet

Did you ever care?
One day you just seemed to stop
It makes me wonder

You moved on so quick
Now throwing her in my face
Can my heart break more?

How could I not know?
How callous you really are
Underneath it all

A fresh start away
Leaving the pain you gave here
Florida awaits

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enough love

"Nerdlet, come give me a hug."

"No, I'm going to sleep." She lays down on the couch and pretends to snore.

"Okay, Bear Cub, come give me a hug." The bear cub promptly comes over to me. This shocks me because she NEVER comes when you ask unless you have ice cream.

"No!" The nerdlet comes running and tries to pull the bear cub away. It's a rare moment of jealousy from the nerdlet.

"Nerdlet, she came over to me. You didn't want a hug. Bear Cub came over to me so she gets a hug. You can have one, too." So I pick her up in my other arm.

The nerdlet cuddles against me. "I don't want the bear cub to take my love."

"I have enough love for both of you." I hug them both tight. This lasts for about two seconds before the nerdlet squirms to be down and running around again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Cupcakes

In order to understand the days of the week and not just have them memorized, I have read that it is good to have a schedule where you do a specific thing on specific days of the week so that the days are differentiated to the child. This makes a lot of sense to me so I decided to make Mondays a baking day, which until the nerdlet gets bored with it will be cupcakes. I really like not heating up the whole house to make them, too. I only wish I could trust the bear cub not to plummet off of a counter or stool so that she could participate some, too. She doesn't like to be confined to sit in her feeding chair so she ends up crawling around under my feet so far.

We did another mix for this time. I choose mixes that don't have trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. Since the nerdlet's favorite cake is carrot cake, I chose a carrot cake mix. The box makes 20-24 regular muffins and we made 36 mini muffins.

The frosting was a mix of cream cheese, butter, confectioners sugar, and vanilla. Neither of the girls seemed to really care for the cupcakes much. They ate them, but the nerdlet didn't make the sounds of enjoyment she makes for most food and the bear cub would eat it if I fed it to her but showed no interest otherwise. They really tasted more like gingerbread than carrot cake and although tasty not really what we were looking for.

Monday, January 3, 2011


My MIL bought the nerdlet a Babycakes Cupcake Maker for Christmas. I told her that we would make cupcakes on Monday. Here she is yesterday anticipating it.

She woke up this morning and told me it was cupcake day. She was given a choice of what kind to make and she actually chose a package of Betty Crocker chocolate chip muffins. This was especially convenient for me because we only had to add water and it would make 6 normal size muffins and in the cupcake maker it made 10 mini muffins.

The bear cub definitely approved of the nerdlet's baking.

Overall, the cupcake maker is a great little invention for making a small amount of cupcakes or muffins without heating up the whole house. I'm considering buying some of the fake eggs so that I can easily half and quarter recipes for the nerdlet to make without always using box mixes. Next in line, though, is carrot cake since that is the nerdlet's current favorite.