Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Previous Make of McCalls 6500

I made this dress for the bear cub July 2013 and it was worn by all three of my girls.  It's one of the few clothing pieces that I made for the girls that I still have.  I am now passing it on to my younger granddaughter. 

Here is the nerdlet at 5 1/2.

And my adopted granddaughter at almost 1 year.

It has lost a little vibrancy from being washed ~12 billion times, but it is still pretty bright and colorful.

She loves the 'Where's Grandma?" game and I was wondering how to capture that smile with the camera.  Apparently, the camera is big enough to play where's grandma.  I didn't get the full on belly giggles, but I still got smiles and chuckles.