Sunday, May 8, 2022

Bra making

 This is a bra I made for my nerdlet last year.  It's actually the smallest size of a Jalie shelf bra lining pattern.  It is Kate's favorite and she wears it pretty much non stop so I am overdue for making her another one.



I started her two more yesterday while Q took the girls to his mom's for a visit, but she said they were too tight so I had to start over.  As long as I was tracing another size, I changed the pattern completely.  Here is the original.

And here are the changes I made.  I actually have them folded in half here as I find it is much easier on projects like this to not cut on the fold, but as a single flat piece.

And here is her finished bra.  Q took the girls to the movies so I don't actually know for sure that it will fit her, but if it doesn't, I will try it out on the bear cub and the engineer.  I made it from the leftover double brushed knit fabric from where I made pants in this post, so it is super soft.  If it does fit I'll be using the other left over fabric from the other pair of pants in that post.

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