Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Immersed in Potty Training

Potty training the nerdlet was easy.  She really did it all herself.  She got the idea within hours of the first day and only had a few pee accidents on the first day.  On day three, she had her first poop accidents and that was pretty much it (except at my MIL's, but that is another story).  She was fully day and night trained before she was 2.  The only thing that took some time was the telling me because she was non-verbal until almost 3.

I knew training the bear cub would be difficult because of her low tone.  I started as soon as she could walk 10 steps (shortly after she turned 2) and we're still working on it.  She isn't at all night or sleep trained and she can't hold it longer than 30 minutes.  She is also non-verbal and shows no interest in telling us when she has to go, and truthfully, I'm not sure she even really always knows.  She tries hard and is mostly day trained though.  The school has even had a lot of success helping with the potty training of typical kids because she does have to go so often.

Darth Baby is not being easy at all.  She seems to get it, but she has no interest in being potty trained.  She tells me, "No, I not big girl.  I baby."  When I know she has to go and we're waiting on the potty, she waits until the nerdlet needs me and in the few seconds I am away, she will get up, poop on the floor, and then sit back down on the potty.  She will pee on the potty, then get up an pour the pee on the floor.  The minute I put her on the potty, she starts scooting the potty into the another room.  She'll pee a little in the potty, then when I put her in a pair of panties, she'll pee in them, and then tell me, "I not.  I not changing."  Yesterday, when I told her it was time to potty and to not put anything in the potty, she pointed at me and told me, "I not.  You not mama." by which I'm pretty sure she means that I can't make her.  I started a few weeks ago and really I'm tempted to put her back in diapers and let her wear them until she's 12.