Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Miss is Ours!!!!

My sister's adoption of her daughter Little Miss has been finalized. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that she will be protected from now on. When my sister actually became her mother two years ago, Little Miss did not even know the letters of the alphabet and could not communicate as well as my other niece that is 3 1/2 years younger. She has completely thrived under my sister's care and was in advanced programs this year and is reading up a storm above her grade level. I'm so proud of them both and am so glad to have the right to be able to continue to spoil her rotten regardless of what else happens in their lives.

On the same note but a slightly different topic, people that do not interfere to stop abuse of any sort are guilty of it happening. They are responsible for it happening and need to understand that a child needs to be protected from them as well as the actual perpetrators. Also, there are other kinds of abuse than the kind that ends up in a police office or criminal court, and my whole family will do everything under the sun to protect the children from all kinds of abuse, including the subtler mental abuse and neglect.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Best OB EVAR!

I have a great OB. He has been my OB for my previous two births. I love that he has never felt the need to pressure me to have tests done or anything that I was uncomfortable with. He also asked me what my birth plan was and told me that he would try to make sure that I had a satisfying birth experience. With my first pregnancy, I got excited about everything. When my blood pressure was 130/80 (and I had never even had anything higher than 110/70), he very calmly stated, "You are pregnant." When I thought I was gaining weight to fast, he once again very calmly stated, "You are pregnant." I actually heard that quite a lot. When the nerdlet came out with her piercing scream, he kind of winced but very calmly stated, "That's louder than normal." When I asked how much tearing I had, he calmly told me just a small amount and spread his fingers to an inch-and-a-half.

Today, I went for another appointment. He asked me if I was interested in testing and in discussing it, he agreed with my decision to only have the detailed ultrasound to look for possible health problems. He also recommended that I wait until I was 20 weeks to see the doctor that does them since her philosophy is completely different from mine and that she would push the blood tests and amnio. I told him that I was really glad that he told me that and shared some of the horror stories that I have heard from the other moms I know with children of Ds. The first time I ever saw him shocked was today when I relayed that many doctors will schedule abortions for their patients without consulting them. I told him that it wasn't uncommon and he told me that he didn't doubt it but that he had never heard of it or even thought that any would do that, but he did say that a lot of doctors think that they know best for everyone. I can't tell you how glad I am that I found this doctor and have been lucky enough to have him as my OB for my 3 pregnancies.

Anyway, Darth baby has a strong heartbeat and seems to be doing well. The nerdlet paid close attention and seemed really interested in the doppler picking up the heartbeat. She sometimes seems to understand that I'm going to have a baby. Then other things she does make me think she doesn't really understand as much, like when she told us that she was going to hug Daddy's baby and gave the side of his waist a big hug and kiss. I'm hoping that the girls are as accepting of their sibling as the nerdlet was of the bear cub.