Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oriental Butterfly Quilt

I went with my MIL to a local quilting store yesterday and was inspired by a butterfly fabric in the Asian fabric section.  It is the middle fabric you see here.
I kept coming back to it, but I couldn't justify to myself buying it without a project in mind and couldn't justify starting another big project.  I thought I'd redo my kitchen curtains in it, but I wasn't sure Q would like it since there is a lot of black in that particular fabric.  I finally justified it to myself by telling myself that I would do a big simple quilt and start it right away.  I also bought the same fabrics in the neutral tones and plan to make another one like it for a neighbor that has fixed broken furniture for my girls and has to put up with my cats thinking their lawn is better than any other choices for a litter box.

Here is the finished top.  I'll post the neutral version when I get it finished.
It looks much better in real life.

In case you are interested, the fabric is Shimmer Butterfly Turquoise from the Timeless Treasures Plume Metallic line.  You can see the neutral version here.