Sunday, January 5, 2020

Teacher Bags

This year has started with a great deal of sewing.  I've made 12 of my reversible bags for teachers' Christmas gifts that I will be giving out tomorrow morning.  I've made a ton of them and posted a few times.  Here is the tutorial, and you can find three other posts here, here, and here.  I am still using the bag from that last link for library books and it is showing little sign of wear.  I've had to make so many bags this time since we have four girls in school this year (the grandbabies have been living with me since June).

On to the pics.  The inside here is just like the straps.

I made two of these and they are identical.

I made two of these too, and they just have different red batiks inside.

I really like the patterns on both sides of this bag.

The inside of this one is a beautiful burnt orange.

 This one is intended for my granddaughter's choir teacher.  She is also the music teacher for all the girls. 

 Q thinks this one is the best and prettiest.  I love this peacock fabric so much.

 I really like the fabrics with patterns like stones, bricks, and water.

 I know it isn't exactly en vogue to be patriotic right now but I'm a military brat and will likely always be fan of our country even when politics are not making me happy.

 I really like this outside and I bought it in multiple colors when it was released.

I always think that the current batch of bags is my favorite and this batch is no exception.  I'm so pleased and was tempted to make a few more so I could keep some of these.  I hope the teachers like them at least half as much.