Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sisterly love

The nerdlet has never shown any jealousy of the bear cub. I did practically everything suggested to reduce jealousy, but I don't believe that that is what it is. I shoved a doll under my shirt when I was pregnant and had the nerdlet feel it. I would then take the baby out and let her feel her sister move inside of me. She thought that was really funny, but I'm not sure she got it. I showed her every baby we saw and would tell her that we were going to give her a sister and let her feel the baby again. I bought her a new doll that we presented to her when the bear cub was born. I made sure that I was not holding the bear cub, but instead the nerdlet when they met. We had the bear cub's bed and other stuff up and would tell her that her sister was going to sleep here and swing here and such. The nerdlet was 16 months when the bear cub was born so it was hard to tell how much she was getting of it. This is the picture of them first meeting and it tells it's own story.

Anyway, over the last week or so, the nerdlet has gone from loving tolerance to caring and concern over her sister. Yesterday, when she came down from her nap, she looked around and didn't see her. She asked where she was and as soon as I told her she ran over to the playpen to check on her. Today, she picked up her ladybug umbrella and my umbrella and then asked where her sister's umbrella was. She sounded so disappointed that the bear cub didn't have her own umbrella. I'm just so happy with how much she loves and cares for her sister that I had to share.

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