Saturday, December 22, 2012

Irresponsible Parenting

Dear Mother at Six Flags,

Today, your budding psychopath attempted to push my two-year-old off of the Six Flags playset.  We are all very lucky that my husband was right there to stop him.  This was actually the third time your son attempted to push her and we are also very lucky that a) my husband did not witness the first two attempts and b) that I wasn't the one that was right beside my daughter when the third push happened as he is one of the most gentle persons on the planet and grew up in a loving, stable, non-violent home, and my instincts would have resulted in my likely incarceration after my response. We are also all very lucky that I wasn't present for your follow-up conversation with my husband because no, we don't have to understand that he is the eighth child.  Not only do I not have to understand it, I can't even comprehend how that is supposed to explain or excuse what happened.  So at which child did you give up responsible parenting and decide to let your children do whatever to other kids without any parent around to supervise?  I'm guessing it wasn't with number eight.  Please take a parenting class and also read up on how to teach your children the things that you have clearly neglected to date.

Thanks so much,
Mother of Darth Baby.


  1. Whoa! So after I have x number of kids I can give up teaching discipline?!?! I wasn't aware of that rule. Hummm. I just do not get some parents these days. Good for your hubby stepping up to the plate. Is Darth Baby okay?

    1. She's fine as Q grabbed the kid and pulled him away as she was pushing her. He scared the kid pretty bad by yelling 'no' full volume. Six Flags dragged Q into a room to tell him not to touch other people's children and he explained that he used the minimal force to protect Darth Baby. I wasn't there for that conversation, but again it really was a good thing that it was calm and gentle Q and not me that was there at the right time.

  2. Yeesh. Glad everyone is ok & you didn't get get arrested. People amaze me in their lack of parenting. Those are also the same people quick to throw judgment the other way.