Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Darth Baby

P and I learned that we are going to add another addition to the family (in December). This was quite a surprise as we had thought we couldn't get pregnant without medical intervention. I had already gotten rid of all my pregnancy clothes and the infant clothing was packed and ready for the next donation pick up. Even the way we found out was a big surprise. I had gone in to the OB/Gyn about some issues which we thought was probably a cyst. It turned out the cyst had a heartbeat. We were planning to have more eventually through adoption but are quickly adjusting to the idea of having three babies at the same time. Hopefully the girls will quickly adjust when the baby arrives.

I called the nerdlet Attila before she was born. The bear cub had the nickname Genghis. P suggested Darth Baby for this one and I rather like it. With my first two, I started throwing up as soon as they attached to my womb and continued to make me puke through to the birth. I also had Carpal's Tunnel and gestational diabetes. Darth Baby, however, has caused relatively few symptoms and I'm trying to enjoy the lack of issues instead of thinking that it is because something is wrong.

P and I have decided to pass on all testing (other than ultrasounds) on the baby. I think it will make for a less stressful pregnancy with me and it would make no difference on the outcome. I would feel stress leading up to each test and if any of them came out positive, I believe that would also add to my stress level. This baby is a welcome addition regardless, though I know most of P's and my family is hoping for a boy this time.

On an added note, I can only imagine the comments I'm going to get when carting the 3 babies around. I think if anyone asks me what I was thinking, I am going to respond, "What was I thinking? I was thinking 'Oh, that feels good. Do that some more.'"


  1. Congratulations!! So happy for you!! =)

    And, lol @ the "what was I thinking" response!! We've gotten some crazy comments, the most common one is "are they all yours?!". Most of the times I ignore, but depending on my mood sometimes I'll say something just as stupid right back. haha

  2. Congrats to ya :) I am happy for you and P. Look forward to seeing you guys again...

  3. Congratulations! I hope you have a smooth pregnancy. I'm sure the girls will love having a little sibling just in time for Christmas. :D

    I like Darth Baby as a nickname. Good choice!