Monday, May 17, 2010

Worry Dream

I had a dream that the bear cub was an identical twin and that since her birth I had been completely neglecting her to only give attention to nerdlet and the bear cub until the twin had starved to death. I think that it probably means that I'm really worried about having enough time and energy to mother a third baby. I know that I'll be able to do it and that people have 3 babies (either triplets or singles) all the time and do just fine, but my subconscious obviously feels differently.

I've been putting the bear cub down more and trying not to give both girls as much attention all day so that they won't feel as deprived and blame the baby. The girls were really resistant at first. The bear cub would complain and try to get me to pick her up all day, signing please (for please pick me up) constantly. Now, less than a week later, she squirms to be put down so she can play and explore after very little hold time. I also found her and the nerdlet happily playing together in the dog water dish earlier. Also, the bear cub has gotten very good at holding her own bottle and feeding herself while not in someone's arms. She still wants to fall asleep with a bottle in her mouth which I've been trying to discourage, but a lot of times it means she is not going to sleep for an hour or longer after I want her to.

The nerdlet is having a harder time with the changes. She says, "I'm mad" and "I cry now" an awful lot lately. She is mad that I don't carry her up and down the stairs anymore. She is mad if I only have the single stroller and I won't take the bear cub out so that she can ride. She is mad if I try to double the girls up to bathe at the same time, esp if the bath gets cut short. It's actually nice that she is telling us that she is mad and although the fits are not in any fewer supply, they do seem to have lessened in intensity. She has been trying to be babied more though in the last week or so by constantly trying to sit in the baby car seat or asking to be put in the playpen. She has also been more affectionate which I don't feel to be a bad thing.

We were so worried about how badly the nerdlet was going to take having a new sister and she completely surprised us by loving her from the moment she met her. I have a feeling Darth Baby isn't going to be as well received by either the nerdlet or the bear cub, but hopefully we'll be pleasantly surprised again.

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