Friday, October 1, 2010

Terima kasih

'Terima kasih' is the Indonesian word for 'Thank you'. I have a good friend that I met in January of 1992 that taught me this and a few other words and phrases (only the polite forms, even for 'drop dead'). She is the nerdlet's godmother and one of a few friends that I have that I have been close to for almost two decades. I'm so grateful for her and the other long-term wonderful friends that I have in my life. I have also been lucky recently to have come back into contact with friends I knew from over two decades ago. I'm not someone that makes friends easily or that needs a lot of friends in my life, but the friends that I do have I cherish and I really cherish the quality of our friendships. Thanksgiving is and almost always has been my favorite holidays for a number of reasons and in the spirit of the upcoming event, I'm going to try to be more aware of specific things I'm appreciative of and not just the gratitude for how blessed I am in what I have in general.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month & Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The chances of a person with Down syndrome having breast cancer is up to 25 times less than the general population. The chances of a person that has been pregnant with a child that has Ds is up to 25 times greater. So it is especially important for mothers to get regular breast exams and mammograms!

A lot of people that I know are participating in 31 for 21, which is where they are blogging everyday in October about Down syndrome to bring awareness. I look forward to their posts, but I've decided that it's really not for me. I do plan on sharing a bit about Ds and also breast cancer as both causes are dear to my heart - Ds because of my beautiful, perfect bear cub and breast cancer because my mom is a breast cancer survivor and also because there have been a few in my life that have passed away from breast cancer.

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