Friday, September 24, 2010

Freaky Friday

This actually happened last night and not today. We needed fresh food really badly because all day yesterday the nerdlet was requesting produce I didn't have: blueberries, carrots, celery, apples, strawberries, bell pepper, and bananas. On top of that I had run out of other staples for my gestational diabetes diet, such as bread with 8 grams of carb per slice, sliced cheeses, and eggs. Because Q (formally P, but he has been upgraded) has been working so much lately at home after long days at work, we didn't have time for either eating at home or a sit down meal. We stopped at Taco Cabana for dinner. As we were leaving this lady in her mid-20s pushed her way around me and then slowed down as she passed Q so that she could look into the stroller. She really stopped for a few seconds and examined our girls for a few seconds before continuing to her car. It was very bizarre because she never looked at Q or me and she didn't smile at the girls at all. Q joked that she was evaluating the price our kids would fetch on the black market.

On an unrelated note, Taco Cabana's fajitas were great for my blood sugar numbers. I didn't eat the rice or beans but had two tortillas packed with pico de gallo, peppers & onions, and the meat (one with beef, one with chicken) but was still expecting my numbers to be high because most tortillas are really bad when it comes to raising your numbers, but I had one of my lowest after dinner meals numbers this pregnancy. Also, even though the menu says there is enough for 1-2, there is enough to feed 3 of me and 4 of my MIL. Next time I will definitely add an order of guacamole to my order as I thought they came with it.

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