Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm so very grateful that the nerdlet thinks that the bear cub is her best friend. She tells me and the bear cub this all the time. My mom's response was to ask if she knows what this means. Later I watched as she looked out the sliding glass doors at my mom's two cats loving on each other and saying that they were best friends. She knows that she loves her sister a lot. She misses her when she goes up to see my mom without her sister (when the bear cub is sick). The nerdlet misses her sister when the bear cub is napping or out of the room and anxiously asks about her if she doesn't know where she is. She makes sure to give the bear cub hugs and kisses good night before she goes to bed each night. There are definite times when she wants the bear cub out of her way, such as when Daddy is holding her or the bear cub climbs into a fort the nerdlet made for herself, but there doesn't seem to be any rivalry or jealousy about it. I hope these two loving girls have an easy time of making room for Darth Baby in their club.

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