Monday, September 13, 2010

The nursery

Here are two views of the girls' room now that it contains the three cribs. It's a good thing that it's such a big room.


  1. Hi Marvelous Mommy,
    I sooo enjoy reading your blogs...I've decided to create my own...soon...tonight's too late!(Let me know any advice about how n what to do or not do..pls!)
    So when U put kids in same room n one cries doesn't it wake up the others? Do U need/want anything for babies?
    I'm saving clothes for U n I'm sure you'll get bk those tons of jeans U gave Paige! LOL She's already out grown mostly everything, before she could even wear it! Unless U don't want them bk then I'll share w/others? Pls let me know. Miss Yall & I just joined another mommy/playgroup I'll let U know how it goes? <3 Mel

  2. Usually if one wakes up, I'll wake up before the other one and drag her out of there before she wakes the other. I am a little worried about the dynamics of three, especially if Darth Baby is a lighter sleeper than her sisters. The bear cub has a very light cry and will usually immediately stop upon being picked up and I have more issues with the nerdlet's loud voice in the morning than any crying she does since the nerdlet goes to bed first and really doesn't wake up crying but telling me she needs me to turn the light on to use the bathroom.

    As for needing anything, I'm not sure we will really, but if you're ready to get rid of your swing, that is the only thing that might be useful. I actually only gave you half of the jeans that we inherited so we're pretty set on jeans.

    In regards to advice, it really depends on how much privacy you want. I don't use the girls names, so I use the nicknames we already use. I also don't allow completely anonymous comments, but a lot of people feel that you're hiding something if you delete others comments. I figure if someone wants to be a troll, they can do it on someone else's blog. So far I've posted all comments except those that name my girls or give birthdays or other private info like that. I like blogspot, but I know that a lot of people like other forums for their blog more, like Wordpress or Livejournal.

    I'm mostly stuck at home now as I can't drive. I get to leave for appts and on most Tuesdays (my MIL takes the girls and me to story time at the library). It's a good thing that I'm mostly an introvert.

  3. Yea good thing U Are an introvert...poor thing! I would prob. go crazy if I couldn't get out of the house...still feel that way! However, it's nice to have the option for us to stay home, as well. Nope, sorry already got rid of swing...I do have an extra pack n play, if Ur interested? I've been saving some of my favorites of Paige's clothes...that r still in good condition...did U want those or for me to cont. saving them for U? Thanks for blog info.