Monday, September 20, 2010


2 things about me:

I thought I would fight growing old and did not plan on doing it gracefully. I had every intention of keeping my hair dyed and looking young forever (based on the fact that my mom doesn't wrinkle and I don't seem to be aging at the same pace as everyone else. However, I'm super paranoid pregnant women that doesn't dye her hair and during these last two pregnancies because of this I have a bit of silver that has crept in to my very dark brown hair. Here's the weird part - I love it. Seriously, I'm really enjoying the twinkle of it in my hair. I'm also glad it is that luxurious silver that my mother has and not a dull gray. It is like tinsel for my head.

When I was young, my favorite show was 60 minutes. I had a huge crush on Andy Rooney. I remember in second grade when all the little girls were talking about either Bo Duke or Chachi, I barely knew who they were, but I could always tell you what Andy's latest rant was about. Just so you know, he started giving his spiels on 60 minutes when we was already 59.

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