Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not even close to Wordless Wednesday

By this time tomorrow, I should be holding Darth Baby in my arms. I'm a little scared because although I know that at this point it is safer to have her than to let her continue on, I am not sure that my body is ready to give birth. I'm scared of a C-section. I haven't had surgery before and I am a little worried about the possibility. I'm also feeling a bit burdened because there is a lot of bad news with family and friends with death and sickness. I am hoping that I can keep my mind clear and focus on the task at hand tomorrow and my new baby.

I have my first piece by the bear cub that I plan to frame. It is almost completely her own work and I'm really pleased with how it came out.

Here is a picture of the girls working.

And a picture of the final masterpiece.

And a picture of the artist after a bath playing dress up.

The nerdlet named her picture dinosaur eggs. I found this interesting because I'm not really in the habit of asking her what she is painting or to tell me about it, but she volunteered the information.

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  1. Love the idea...paint into pie pans and then then let them go at it. NICE!