Thursday, July 5, 2012

More bibs

So now I have 3 sizes of bibs that I make:  Newborn - 6 months(16-20 inch chest), 18-24 months(22-24 inch chest), and 24-36 months(24-26 inch chest).

I was/am still using the newborn sized bibs on my 3 girls, they are a little snug on Darth Baby and a little short on the nerdlet, but still wearable and functional.

As I wrote in my previous bib post, my cousin's granddaughter wears a normal 2T and these little bibs were a little snug on her so I made a slightly bigger pattern for her.  Since the smaller of the two fit her well, I made a bunch more, both for my girls, her, and a couple for a friend that is going to have twins.

These bibs were made from 13 inch wash cloths from Costco (12 for less than $8.00), and I'm considering picking up another package because while these bibs are a lot of work for just a bib, they really are great.  I made what felt like miles of yellow bias tape for these bibs and the nerdlet asked me if I was making Big Bird.  I love that she thinks that I can just make anything that pops into her head.

For those that think that they have husbands that are supportive of their craft, I have this little story for you.  Q knows that I really dislike making bias tape and he always asks how he can help me when I start the process.  This time Q said that I should just show him how to make it so that he could make me a bunch in every color and not have to worry about it anymore.  He offered this when he sees how long it takes and what it entails (since I do almost all of my sewing and cutting in the kitchen in his presence).  I thought that was really sweet of him.

I'll leave you with a picture of the nerdlet in the big she picked out for herself, which is clearly a bit big (her chest measurement is under 19 inches).

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