Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ottobre 4/2011 - 14 Cranberry

I don't often buy clothing for my girls.  It has to be a really, really good deal or an immediate dire need.  I bought this one dress at Sears for $1.50 in their clearance section that I really love and put the bear cub in pretty much every time it comes out of the wash.

She's been wearing it for some time now and has recently jumped a growth curve so it has gotten quite short on her.  You can't really tell just how short in these pictures, but I know it's not long until I won't be able to have her in it any more.

I decided to make her another one, but in patriotic colors.  I started with the Ottobre pattern 4/2011-14 and made a few changes.  I redrew the front yoke to be larger and split into two colors.  I redrew the back to be split the same way between the two colors.  I removed the large bow and added trim to the bottom of the dress all the way around.  I added a belt and ties and a small bow. Here is what I ended up with.
I think it turned out really cute, but Q thinks that the white fabric with the stars is too busy.  I bought fabric for two patriotic versions, the next one more red based than blue so there will be another one shortly.  I don't think I made it long enough.  It is about an inch longer than the one above and I think it will be outgrown way too quickly so I'll be adding more length to the bodice and skirt in the next version.  I also still need to try it on the bear cub so it may need further adjustments.  Overall, despite the lack of enthusiasm from Q, I'm super pleased with how it came out.


  1. Wow, that dress you made is SO cute!! Love it! By the way, I always put Samantha in a pair of bike shorts or leggings under her dresses, so even if they're a little short, it doesn't matter so much. :-)

  2. Becca, I really should do that, too. In fact, I should probably make her a dozen pairs.

  3. What an adorable little dress!! If it is a bit too short you could always add another "stripe" along the bottom, underneath the blue one. Or a longer lace frill sewn underneath onto to the blue stripe seam, that will then look like a faux petticoat. This is how I used to lengthen my daughter's dresses when they got too short :)