Friday, December 6, 2013

Dolls For Downs

I bought the bear cub a doll from Dolls for Downs.  It's a doll that is similar to the American Girl doll line, but the doll is supposed to have the features of Down syndrome.  I chose Hannah because of the brown hair and eyes.
 Here she is in the box.

 I placed the box as is in front of the bear cub.

She figured out that we needed to undo the laces to get her coll out before I did.

 "No, Darth Baby, she is mine!"

 "And I am going to love her."

 Maybe we'll be safer here.

 Did you see her cute shoes, Mom?

Here comes Darth Baby.  We need to move again. 

 You can't tell but she is kissing her here as she looks around.

Behind this ottoman looks safer. 

  I'll brush your hair.

 Let me get you safe in the stroller.

 And we'll go for a walk.

We'll scoot around Darth Baby and her doll.

The bear cub and her doll are currently in my bed playing under my covers.  She is the only one of my girls that plays with dolls and stuffed animals like babies and I wasn't sure that Hannah would be so well received, but she obviously took right to her.


  1. I haven't got mine It's for me.
    Looks like she's having the most fun though! She knows just what to do :)

    1. Her reaction to the doll really, really surprised me. While she will occasionally will play with dolls for a short period of time, she has never taken to one so fast or played with it for so long. I wondered if this doll was going to be for me, but she clearly knows she is hers.

      Which one did you get?

    2. We got Sammy. He's lovely, but not exactly what I expected. I don't know what I expected. The irony of *that* is not lost on me. :)

    3. I wasn't sure what I expected either, but I loved the bear cub's reaction and love for this doll so it was well worth it for me.

  2. So sweet! I am glad that bear cub like her doll. We just received the Ellie one yesterday. I am scared to give it to my Ellie. She just chewed the fingers off her baby so I don't want her to do that to the nice doll.

    1. I'd be scared, too. Maybe only supervised visits with the doll? Or is that silly?