Friday, November 29, 2013

Ottobre 6-2011-3 Version 7 (The Dress)

I made another version of Ottobre 6-2011-3.  This one is a dress.  There were quite a few changes for this one.  It started out as a 92, but I have added 9 inches in length (originally 12, but I lopped 3 off despite the nerdlet wanting to keep them), 3 inches to the sleeve length, and 1 inch to the sleeve width and to the front and back).  This knit is from a quilting store that had it clearanced and it is quite thick so I didn't line it.

I don't know if you can tell, but the nerdlet loves it.  She says it is super comfortable; and she was only supposed to try it on, but now she is refusing to take it off.

Today, I am especially grateful for kids that are grateful that I sew for them.  All three of the girls love when I make them something and I only hope that they don't outgrow that any time soon.  Their enthusiasm for the clothing I make really fills me with happiness.

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