Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Smart Kids

I am grateful for kids that are clever enough to try to drive me nuts.

Case 1:  The nerdlet doesn't like the forced reading of library books so she checks out books with very few to no words when checking books out at school.

Case 2:  The bear cub wants to sit in the chair that the nerdlet is currently occupying.  She knows that the nerdlet always helps her.  She then takes her bouncy horse and shoves its head under the ottoman and then starts complaining about it.  When the nerdlet jumps out of the chair to help her, the bear cub jumps in and starts laughing.

Case 3:  Darth Baby has gotten very good about quietly opening packages of food in the pantry since she has figured out that noise is usually what gives her away.

There antics never fail to make me smile even when I have to correct their behavior.  I love these girls.

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