Monday, November 4, 2013

Where we are in technology

I'm actually not just grateful for all the technology currently in our lives, I'm also grateful to live in a place in time where we are not further along.  I'm glad to be able to turn off texting on my phone and not have to worry about the difference it makes in my lives as I suspect my children will.  I'm glad I can read books on my kindle, but I can also still go into a giant bookstore like Barnes & Noble and purchase actual books to read or check them out in the library.  I like having access to the computer in the house in multiple areas, but I also like that it's a room away when we eat as a family or read together in a bedroom.  Technology is a wonderful thing, but I love that I have had an opportunity to live in a world where it wasn't so ubiquitous as it is becoming.

I'm going to add another thing I am grateful for today.  I am grateful for really good reviewers on Goodreads, especially my friend Shannon who has never steered me wrong (though I haven't read any of her romance or erotica suggestions).  She writes wonderful reviews that really give me an idea if I'm going to like a book or not and some of her hits have been phenomenal.  In a day where self publishing electronic books is becoming more and more common as is publishing lesser works by popular authors because they can, it's great to read honest reviews by prolific readers who also happen to be intelligent and expressive.

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