Saturday, January 25, 2014

McCall's 6875

When McCall's were on sale this week, I picked up M6875 along with a few other patterns (and yes, 20 or so patterns can be described as a few).

I did the doll's dress today with a few pattern changes.  I did not put on the flower because I didn't think it would look right in the busy green print that I used.  I changed the back fastening from velcro to snaps.  I also did not bother to slip stitch the skirt in between the bodice and it's lining because after all Hannah is not going to be bothered by the serged seam.

Darth Monkey's favorite color is yellow and she recently realized that she doesn't have any yellow clothing, so the dress to match this is already cut out and ready for me to start.  I actually bought this pattern in both sizes because I suspect that the nerdlet may be ready for the next size up.  I cut the pattern in size four so we'll see which child of mine, if any, it fits.


  1. Kimberly, it turned out great! I LOVE that yellow floral print. However, I am certain that Hannah will indeed be bothered by the serged seem :-P

    1. She is just going to have to get over it if she wants to dress like the bear cub or Darth Auntie Monkey.