Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Little Sister Hats

After making the nerdlet her hat, it was clear that my other two also needed their own versions (and the drama princess has requested one for herself, too). I could only find yellow in the thick Redheart yarn and as I didn't want to go to more than two stores, I settled. It's a good thing that Darth Monkey has the least issues about what she wears.

The bear cubs is the same yarn as the nerdlets but in blues and purples instead of greens.  It is also made smaller.

Afterward, I decided to make Hannah one, too.  For Hannah's, I used an 'E' hook and sort of winged it.  Here is Hannah as a 'rock star' as Darth Monkey calls her in the sunglasses.

The outfit and sunglasses are actually from Build-A-Bear.  Someone gave me a gift certificate at the nerdlet's baby shower and I finally got around to spending it this week.  The cashier was skeptical when she saw the date on it and I told her it hadn't been used, but the full credit was in there.  I chose the brave dress because the bear cub loves Merida.

Here is a glimpse of her meeting Merida at Disney and you can see how happy she was about it.  The outfit came with a wig, too, but the bear cub was not interested in keeping that on Hannah (though she did wear it herself for a while).

I may make one more of these hats for the drama princess, but it's kind of a wait and see since I didn't purchase any yarn for hers.

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