Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ottobre 1-2014-21

So the nerdlet has a new favorite outfit.

Yes, indeed, I'm definitely spreading my tacky love of crushed panne.  I finished these about two weeks ago and as soon as they come out of the wash, the nerdlet has them on again, and we usually end up having to peel the leggings off of her as she will slip them back on even after a bath and changing clothes.  She has requested multiple pairs so that she can wear them more.

The pants are Ottobre 1-2014-15 (Green Lines) and is in a size 110 in length and a size 86 in width and are in the last two posts.  The top is Ottobre 1-2014-21 in a straight size 110.  I did the neckline and the hems of the sleeves in thick FOE because it was a perfect match, but I will avoid that in future tops.  I don't have a good picture of the flair at the bottom of this shirt, but it is definitely cute and I made add an inch or two to lengthen it to a true tunic in the next rendition.  

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