Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ottobre 5-2009-2

I made my first pair of adult panties.  I used the Ottobre 5-2009-2 "Simply Basic" panties pattern - sort of.  I planned to make a straight size 48 and ended up mistracing the back and didn't realize it until I cut out the back piece.  Then I could recut the fabric or retrace the pattern.  Since I hadn't made a pair before and I really didn't have any idea of changes I would need, I decided to change the tracing to fit what I had cut and decide whether to make another pair with a correct back or adjust what I made based on how it came out.

The finished pair looks huge.  It is 100% cotton knit that the quilting stores were trying to sell and has a decent amount of stretch, but side-by-side next to a purchased pair of panties it looks twice as big.  I thought there was no way that it was going to fit, but they fit fantastically and I will definitely be making more.

I also traced the camisole top in the same issue and plan to make a matching top, but I haven't yet.

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