Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Today had beautiful clouds.  It was supposed to rain but it only started at my house a short while ago.  I love the rain and am grateful whenever it comes to San Antonio.

I have been taking pictures of clouds for my mom because as an artist she is trying to paint more realistic clouds. Here are some from today.

I have a whole facebook album I am keeping for her.

And for those that would like to see, here is a picture my mom did for my sister, that in my opinion, has fantastic clouds.


  1. That is a beautiful painting. I am sure that clouds must be very difficult to paint with all those subtle gradations of colour. Since you have taken up photography, have you tried using a polarizing filter when taking shots like these? They are great for cutting out the UV glare and will really make your clouds look 3-D, like we can see but the camera can't. They are also fab for cutting out some reflections on glass and on water. If you don't have access to one they can be picked up very cheaply on sites such as eBay. Really lovely pics by the way. :) xx

    1. I actually purchased a HOYA UV filter and it is on most of the facebook pictures, but not on these as I hadn't put it on yet. I'll have to take some cloud pictures with and without it to see the difference as I haven't noticed the 3D look. Thanks.