Saturday, November 15, 2014

You Tube Tutorials

I am grateful for living in the age of youtube.  I love being able to find a how to on just about anything along with a video.  Need a giant rock hauled out of your yard?  Check youtube.  (BTW, the rock is still there because of cost and water pipe complications.)  Want to know how to thread your sewing machine?  Youtube to the rescue.  There are so many times that I am surprised at how much I can find a helpful video tutorial on.  It seems like nowadays everyone is trying to make money on something free and while I know that people have to make a living, I am grateful that so many people post their free tutorials that teach the same things.

I am also grateful for having three little girls that are wanting to be creative, artistic, and crafty.  I started watching this video the other night and the nerdlet quickly usurped me from my seat so that she could watch it instead.  After attentively watching the whole thing, she told me that I needed to start it over so that I would know if I needed to buy anything the next day while she was at school so she could make them.

Here she is diligently working on it.  She replayed the video while she assembled it.

And her finished product, which is now hanging on the tree.

She picked this green foresty fabric after looking first through pink and blue fabrics.  It really hides in the tree and you probably won't find it if you don't know where it is so I probably should have encouraged her to pick a different fabric, but overall, I think it came out great.

She did lose interest after the first one.  She immediately wanted to make another one, but she didn't want to do all the work.  She started trying to use shortcuts and ended up trying to wrap the egg in the fabric and tie it on with the ribbon.  So I guess no one is getting them as gifts from her like she was thinking before we made one.

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  1. Miss Nerdlet did a great job! I do love how it turned out :-)