Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crocheted Dragon Scarf

My last completed project of 2014 was a crocheted dragon scarf that I finished earlier today for the nerdlet.  I found the pattern earlier this week. I changed the pattern a bit, but the overall look is mostly the same.  I also went with one horn instead of two based on the nerdlets preference.  I actually was considering making one in red, too, but after having made one, I have decided that a second one really doesn't need to be made, though I might change my mind as the bear cub has shown some affection for this one.

Besides the spike, I changed the shape of the head very slightly, the way that the spikes were done down the back and the wings are completely different.  I made one of the wings the same way as the pattern, but really didn't like the shape so I undid it and winged the wings.  I also went with crocheted eyes instead of pre-made eyes.  This second color is more accurate.  The color is called peacock.

I wanted to do a post of 2014 pictures of the girls, but I am not at home and so that post will have to be done in 2015.

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