Saturday, December 27, 2014

McCall's 6875 Version 8 and Teacher Bags

I thought before I revealed the first finished dress of the sewcation that I would share so more reversible bags that I'm giving to the teachers for Christmas.  They already know what they are getting and when.  I had ARD meetings for both the nerdlet and the bear cub the last week of school and I took a stack of fabrics for them to choose from for their own bags.  These are not all the bags that I made, but I have already given away a handful.  The five on the right are the ones for the teachers and speech language pathologist.

Here is the finished dress, McCall's 6875 version 8.  This was supposed to be the bear cub's first day of Kindergarten dress dress.  It is a size 4 dress and is the smallest of the four.  It makes me kind of sad that I'm probably not going to be making size 4s anymore.

The two fabrics that I bought are so gorgeous.  I bought them from the sale area at the local quilt store.  I always go through the sale fabrics, and while I often buy from them, I hardly ever find quality fabrics like these two.  I had a hard time even believing they were there.  Here is a close up because you can't really see the beauty in the large picture of the dress.

Anyway, I'm back to sewing now as I have three left to finish.

And if anyone cares, here are the links to the other bags I have made and the tutorial and the other versions of this dress.
Other bags 1, 2, 3


  1. Beautiful bags. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I agree about the dress, it is stunning and makes a very pretty dress. Xx

    1. Your welcome. Let me know if you make one. It's more work than a lot of bags, but these are super durable.