Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Vacation Block

I belong to a facebook group by Pat Sloan, the quilter that is doing the block of the month that I just made in my last post.  One of the members, Melinda Pulling-Goodernote, made this beautiful block and posted it in the group last night.  I like it so much that I decided to make it myself.  I especially liked that it is open to paper piecing.

This is the paper pattern that I drew up immediately after seeing it.  I made one of the long middle piece, 2 of the flying geese combo, and 4 of the squares.

I had already started considering making another quilt using the BOM and had picked out these fabrics for it.

The center long piece

All the pieces.

The center and two sides.

And the completed 12.5" block.  I really love the way paper piecing gives you perfect corners.

Thank you so much, Melinda Pulling-Goodernote, for making and sharing this beautiful block.


  1. Kimberly, its beautiful....thank you!!

  2. This *is* beautiful. Do you have to hand sew the pieces? Xx

    1. No, it's machine sewed. Anything that I can machine sew, I will. Even for things like hems, I will machine sew them if I can get away with it.