Sunday, January 11, 2015

Globetrotting - Another Pat Sloan BOM

So after completing my two versions of Pat Sloan's current BOM, I started contemplating her last BOM for 2014, the Globetrotting Quilt.  Being the person I am, I went ahead and put off sewing the stack of shirts for Q that I already cut out and completed the first BOM for the Globetrotting Quilt.

First I'd like to show you my stack of fabrics.

So I based these colors off of the blue fabric second from the top.  I made this into a dress a year and a half ago for my girls.  I love this fabric and likely I will take the dress apart and use the fabric in something else when it becomes too small for the bear cub.  Because I love it so much I tried to figure how it could be best used in the quilt with so little of left (without cutting up the dress).

So I decided to use it as the center of the center block.

I know that it is really, really loud, but I still like it.  I've put away all the extra fabric so that I will at least make one of the shirts I have planned for Q before I start working on more of the blocks.


  1. That is one gorgeous fabric. The colour contrasts are lovely too. Xx

    1. I really love that fabric. I look for something similar almost every time I fabric shop.