Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Peacock Jacket

The nerdlet has always been a big fan of birds and anything else that flies.  Her current focus is on peacocks.

This isn't a project of mine, but of my mother-in-laws.  I noticed the cute little faux suede jackets at Costco and that the back panel was perfect for an embroidery and passed this information to my MIL.  She went out and bought some for the nerdlet and the drama princess.  This is the jacket that she made for the nerdlet.

I looked through my blog of the peacock dress that she is wearing, but I guess I didn't post about it when I made it.  She had gone through my fabric and found a stack of fabrics that were going to be a peacock quilt and decided that she needed a dress made from them.

It is McCall's 4817.  I plan on making more of this pattern, but it will change the pattern to cover the back up to the neck. The nerdlet refuses to wear this without a shirt underneath because she doesn't want anyone to see her naked back.

So now the nerdlet has a peacock dress, a peacock backpack, and a peacock jacket.  She is wanting me to make her a peacock fanny pack, but there is no telling how long it will take for me to get around to it.


  1. What a cute little outfit. I have one of those fabrics. Your nerdlet has great taste.

    1. I actually really enjoyed making this dress and I thought I would be upset about not having the fabrics for the quilt later. I try to let her have a say in the clothes I make her and what she wears. This is pretty conservative compared to some of her choices.