Thursday, March 4, 2010

Girl fun and another bottle slumped

First here is a picture of the nerdlet and the bear cub playing in a big box. I wish I could capture the duo of happy giggles I hear right now. It makes most of the tired go away.

And now my latest glass slumping attempt. I didn't want to slump this beautiful bottle, but my mom's friend wanted me to and it was her bottle. I loved the lines and color. I don't know what was originally in the bottle.

It actually went through four firings to get it flat. The first one barely slumped it at all and only took off the color. The second firing didn't touch it at all. The third firing made it look cartoonish in its bend and the fourth firing finally made it lay mostly flat. I don't want to fire it again because it still has some of the lines and I'm sure they would be lost in a fifth firing.

Next I think I'm going to try a Kalua bottle.


  1. Cute picture! It reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. Calvin had ordered a beanie hat from cereal box top collecting. He waited weeks and weeks, and then not only initially broke the plastic propeller piece, but then was also disappointed that he couldn't fly with it on. The last panel of the series shows him carrying a box and saying to Hobbes, "Well, look at this great cardboard box it came in! Now we can REALLY have some fun!"

    Ah, to be a kid again. :D I played in boxes all the time growing up...

    Is there a way to keep the color in the glass there, or does it depend on the type of glass or dye? I have a melted bottle cheese plate but it's still green. The color on the initial bottle was really pretty in addition to the line markings.

  2. It depends on whether or not it is colored glass or just painted. This bottle was clearly painted. I was really hoping that the glass was actually that beautiful hue.