Monday, March 1, 2010

Skunk Tale

Sunday, my sister R and I took the nerdlet, and my nieces Little Miss (age 7), and Drama Princess (age 4) to Six Flags. On our way we passed an area where clearly someone hit a skunk. R started asking the girls if one of them farted and then asking them individually who had made that smell. Drama Princess said nobody farted. So R asked her then what was that smell. Drama Princess thought a few seconds and then said, "Mine body lotion."

A picture of the four girls in their matching kimono-style tops, from left to right, Drama Princess, Bear Cub, Nerdlet, and Little Miss:

I took a bunch of pictures and this, unfortunately was one of the better ones, and we had to use M&Ms to get Nerdlet to cooperate at all, hence the fingers in her mouth.

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  1. Heehee!

    That's a great picture, even though none of them are looking at the camera.