Monday, August 9, 2010

Darth Baby is a ...

Today, I had the level two ultrasound. I was fairly worried about the possibility of trisomy 13 or 18 or the possibility of some horrible heart or other kind of defect. I sort of felt like we were pushing our luck having the two perfect babies that we have and so was a bit anxious.

The tech did the first set of scans and would tell me nothing about what she was seeing other than the babies weight and heart rate (14 ounces and 163 beats/min). She answered all my questions by saying that Dr. McFarland would come in and answer those questions. It was frustrating, but understandable. Then when she left if felt like forever until the perinatalogist came in.

When Dr. McFarland finally came in, she did what seemed like most of the same measurements. She told us that she isn't seeing any signs of health problems. She also mentioned that some problems might not be seen at a 20 week scan, including duodenal atresia or very small VSD or ASDs. The technician and the doctor both mentioned that the baby was moving a lot, but to P and me after seeing the nerdlet move inside it seemed like this baby hardly moved at all, and when they put the DVD in to record some video for us, the baby decided to stop moving and go to sleep. The baby is measuring at 21 weeks for all measurements.

Shortly after we got home from the appointment, we got a call from my MIL who was watching the girls for us. My MIL and the nerdlet were in a car accident, but they both seem to be fine. We had just purchased a new taller rear facing car seat (a Britax Marathon currently on sale at Target) and I'm so glad that we did. There is a lot of debate in various parenting communities that I'm in right now as to when to turn their toddlers and young children around and I'm definitely going to keep my children rear facing until they reach the max height and weight recommendations (for the Marathon that is 49 inches and 35 pounds). P and I went immediately back to Target to buy a replacement car seat. My MIL and FIL kept telling us the impact wasn't that bad, but the car apparently has frame damage, so it wasn't as minor as they were making it out to be on the phone. The nerdlet mentioned that it hurt at the time and has been talking about groin pain where the seat belt sits, and I have an appointment first thing in the morning to have her checked out.

Oh, and Darth Baby is a girl.


  1. I love the first pic you posted..that's the first ultrasound pic I've seen that doesn't look like nothing to I'm glad all the babies are fine and I love you guys to death and I'm glad you blogged cuz mom's freaking out that you haven't called her I read her the blog and she seems to have calmed down some. ~ rjb

  2. Wow three girls! They'll have so much fun growing up together!

    I hope the Nerdlet is okay. How scary! :/ I had done a bunch of research about carseats, and the conclusion I came to was that you need at least two - an infant one and then the forward-facing one for safest possible as the child ages. I didn't want one that was for newborn up to 50 pounds or whatever; I don't see how it can be the best for a little baby as well as a good-sized toddler. Our rear-facing one goes to 35 pounds/35 inches long, and given that K is on the small side of the growth charts, I'm hoping it'll work for her until she's at least 18 months!♠

  3. Congratulations! And glad to hear your other girls and mom were ok too. What a scare!

  4. First off...congratulations on the new baby girl!! Yay...gotta keep dad on his toes. Secondly, I told Mark (my hubby) about what happened with the accident and that you had just bought the new car seat. He immediately agreed that we needed to follow your lead. Thanks!

  5. yay, girls are fun! Congratulations and sorry about the car accident. I'm glad everyone was safe.