Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Nerdlet is fine

The nerdlet is fine. She has a little bruising in her pelvic area but it should heal without any intervention. Everything else checked out.

We also took the bear cub in for her thyroid blood work. What a complete pain. I really hate Lab Corp. After waiting for at least an hour, it turned out that the clinic had sent the orders under the nerdlet's name instead of the bear cub's. I understand that it is not your fault, but that doesn't make it my fault and you certainly have no right to treat me like I'm inconveniencing you while it is straightened out. After they got the correct orders faxed, they put me back at the end of the line so we ended up being there over 2 hours. At least they got the blood they needed on the second try, which for the bear cub is a record low. I expect the blood to come back with no issues as I haven't seen any signs for her and I'm hypersensitive to the symptoms as I keep expecting one of the girls to have gotten it from me.


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  2. sorry about the long wait, bummer.

    as far the straw goes. Jimmy doesn't put things in his mouth either except for food and sand.

    I guess that's a good thing, right?

    our kiddos will get it in time.