Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enough love

"Nerdlet, come give me a hug."

"No, I'm going to sleep." She lays down on the couch and pretends to snore.

"Okay, Bear Cub, come give me a hug." The bear cub promptly comes over to me. This shocks me because she NEVER comes when you ask unless you have ice cream.

"No!" The nerdlet comes running and tries to pull the bear cub away. It's a rare moment of jealousy from the nerdlet.

"Nerdlet, she came over to me. You didn't want a hug. Bear Cub came over to me so she gets a hug. You can have one, too." So I pick her up in my other arm.

The nerdlet cuddles against me. "I don't want the bear cub to take my love."

"I have enough love for both of you." I hug them both tight. This lasts for about two seconds before the nerdlet squirms to be down and running around again.

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