Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another zoo trip

I took the girls and my MIL to the zoo today. It was a beautiful day today, cool and breezy and just about perfect for San Antonio in late April for a trip like this. I took pictures of every animal in order to practice.

First though, pictures of my girls:

It seemed like all the animals were active today. Here are some of my favorites.

The girls are doing well. There have been some brush fires outside of SA right noe so we all are a little congested today, but nothing other than that. I've had a hard few weeks recently. After the girls and Q all were sick, one of my cousins ended up admitted to the hospital with a kidney infection and a few other personal things, but they are resolved and I'm enjoying settling back into a routine. The nerdlet and the bear cub are eating like mad and have gained back all the weight they lost. The nerdlet has fat on her for the first time that I've seen, though my BIL looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to point it out. She's also being less bossy and I've even heard her use please and thank you to the bear cub when they are playing together. The bear cub is adding a bunch of sign to her vocabulary and trying harder to communicate with us. She has requested 'Baby Signing Time' by signing all three signs and has signed 'special' which is a sign she has only ever seen in the song at the end of one of the videos. Darth Baby is bigger at four months than the nerdlet was at nine. She still isn't rolling over either way, but she is army crawling, even over things, and will push herself all the way up on her arms to look around. She has four signs she uses pretty consistently - "Mom", "Dad", "Up", and "Eat", and she seems to know what they mean. The girls are all still doing really well as siblings. The older two love to build and play in forts together. The bear cub will take and hold Darth Baby's hand every chance she gets. I love these sweet girls so much.

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