Saturday, April 16, 2011


I finished the first hat that I'm making for the girls. I'm using M4478 view F, but I made it two sizes bigger than the XL on the pattern to fit the nerdlet's head. I'm making all three that size. They won't fit Darth Baby, but they might fit the bear cub. I'll find out in the morning. I have sun hats for Darth Baby and the bear cub, so I'm not as worried about the hats fitting them. I'm using upholstery samples from a department store on one side and on the other what I think is the same fabric of unknown materials from clearance at a Hancock's that went out of business about five years ago (which is the last time I was doing any sewing other than quilting really).

Here is the pattern. I made the pink hat in the middle column on the bottom.

And here is the hat which is sort of reversible, but I likely won't use the blue size unless one of the girls insists.

It's a pretty easy pattern as long as you're comfortable sewing curves that go in opposite directions, and if you're not, you may be if you make this hat once or twice.

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  1. Those hats are completely adorable!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my cargo pants.