Monday, April 11, 2011

Food Poisoning

My poor Nerdlet and Bear Cub have food poisoning. Additionally, Bear Cub has bronchitis and a sinus infection. The bear cub got a shot of a super antibiotic and is now on a daily dose. She seems to be feeling a little better but is still puking and has awful diarrhea. Neither one has their normal energy or appetite. I went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription for an anti nausea medicine and the nerdlet wasn't in the system. She's three-and-a-half and has never had anything prescribed for her before, and likely had the bear cub not been puking so much, she would have been fine in a few more days without any drugs. Unfortunately, she has dropped back down to 23 pounds (at 36 1/4 inches) so she doesn't look particularly healthy right now.

Darth Baby had her four month exam and shots today. She does really well with them. She really lets you know how mad she is when it happens, but pretty much stops screaming within seconds of it being over. She's 24 1/4 inches and 13 pounds 1 ounce. She's still not rolling over and seems to have little interest in doing so, but she starting to scoot herself around a little. Q says her goals are to stand, walk, open the refrigerator, and open packages of food. She isn't interested in any of those unnecessary steps like rolling.

I plan on introducing solids as soon as all the girls are feeling better. When I say introduce, I mean tastes. I know this is pretty controversial, but I really believe that the reason the girls are willing to eat so many things is because of the introduction of tastes and textures so early. People comment on them eating such a variety because I do, but in reality, I was one of the pickiest eaters around when I was little. I wouldn't try hardly anything without gagging and had the exact same lunch every day from 1st through 6th grade (including days I wasn't in school) and it didn't involve any fruits or vegetables. If you weren't offering me some type of bread, I likely wasn't interested. While the nerdlet and the bear cub have actually fought over cauliflower with cheese, I was puking at just the thought of eating it until I was almost a teenager. Q is/was also a pretty picky eater. I'm going to start with avocado, like I did with her two sisters, so we'll see how that goes.

I did recently go to my first quilt shop hop. It was 12 quilt shops in Kerrville, San Antonio, Austin, and some surrounding cites. My MIL even won one of the door prizes from one of the shops. I was planning on posting pictures as I tried to take some of each shop that I went to, but I haven't got my camera completely figured out and some of my pictures are actually weird videos and some didn't come out at all. Look below for a few pictures. I got to meet someone that I met in a quilting community years ago by chance when I commented on one of her quilts. I also found it interesting that in two of the shops quite a few of the employees recognized me, and some customers did, too. I had a lot of fun and am definitely going to try to go to the one next year (which will be 13 shops).

Each shop did a rendition of the same quilt and each of the shops gave you a piece of the pattern for that quilt. The stores actually sold the whole pattern for $39.00. Here are some of the pics of those quilts.


  1. so sorry that the girls are still sick. praying they are better soon!
    glad that you had fun quilt shop hopping! how awesome! LOVE the quilt pattern! my hubby is a TEXAN; i would LOVE to have this!


  2. I completely agree with you about doing foods early - and it DOES make a difference about the child's ability/willingness to accept new tastes and textures. I could go on all day about kids with oral aversion because they were started on solids too late...

    Love the quilts!