Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Ottobre 04-2011-13

I made another one of these blouses.

This one isn't near as nicely finished as the orange version I posted earlier. My serger, sewing machine, and the coverstitch machine all hated this fabric. It's a shame because it's quite pretty and I have a bit left. I'm not sure where it came from, but my best guess was that it was from a Hancock's in SA that went out of business. I also don't know how long this shirt will last as the serger and the coverstitch machine poked some holes in it and I had to try and try again to get either machine to finish any particular seam. Don't be too impressed, but I actually broke two of the needles in the coverstitch machine at the same time. I'm blaming the fabric as I wasn't tugging on the fabric other than to stretch out the seam for sewing. I sure hope the nerdlet likes this one as much as she seemed to like the orange one. Hopefully the next shirt I make, which is also an Ottobre pattern will actually fit the bear cub.

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