Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ottobre 6/2011-3 Takes 2 and 3

The bear cub is in love with these lined sweaters.

The chevron fabric is one of the fabrics I bought at TexStyles. The owner has a cousin with Ds and mentioned that his cousin really doesn't like seams. I told him that I didn't think the bear cub has this issue but she likes these sweaters an awful lot and all of the seams are enclosed and not against the skin, so it is quite possible that even though she hasn't complained about them that she doesn't care for the feeling of them either.

The other sweater is from fabric I bought off the clearance table at Hancocks. It is quite thick and will be very warm for her. We only have a few days each year that merit a sweater like that, but I think that these sweaters should fit her next year also.

Here are the sweaters lined up.

The second chevron sweater is for my friend's daughter, who is also a princess with Down syndrome, and who is a day younger than the bear cub and almost exactly the same size.

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