Friday, January 27, 2012

My New Coverstitch Machine

I read a sewing blog that convinced me to finally buy a coverstitch machine. I've wanted one for a long time but couldn't really justify the machine with how often I make myself knit items. Lately, however, with making so many sweaters and tops for the bear cub, I've been sewing a lot of knit items, and considering how many more years I have to sew for the girls and how many sleeves I'll have to shorten, it seems I could justify it. I'm thinking that I'll need to make or hem about 80 outfits to make it worth it and as I finished one and have five more in the works currently, it shouldn't take me long.

Here is the new machine.
Like Elizabeth's, it is a Brother Coverstitch 2340CV.

The first top that I decided to finish was originally made by my MIL. It was supposed to be a sleeping bag for the nerdlet as a newborn. The nerdlet, however, soon showed that she was unwilling to be swaddled or completely covered. The nurse in the hospital told me I wasn't doing it right and when she tried to swaddle her and the nerdlet screamed until she was let free, the nurse told me she was born spoiled. Anyway, it was never finished and I saw it in the giveaway pile at my MIL's and swiped it for a top for the bear cub.

Here is what the stitches look like when done. I used three different yellows that I had on hand and didn't really think about the order. Also, I just eyed the amount hemmed so the cut isn't nicely under the stitch as it would be in a more important outfit, but as I was just trying the machine out for the first time, I didn't bother measuring and ironing.

And here is the finished item.

What are my first impressions? One is that the cord is too short. I sew off the counter in the kitchen and I'll have to get an extension cord if I want to do this with this machine (at least until I have the girls potty trained and we stop using the playpen where it is, since the only outlet on the island is behind the playpen and Darth Baby has no sense and loves to pull on and chew cords). Also, because I sew at the counter I am standing up. This machine's pedal isn't sensitive enough for the position and I'll have to find a spot to sit down until I get good with it as I don't want to sew over my finger because I'm concentrating on the right foot pressure instead of the actual sewing. I'm also having a hard time getting the fabric out from under the machine after sewing. I think this might be that I just having figured out how to do it right yet though. The manual is extremely short and not very detailed so I'm going to spend some time on the internet googling the use of the machine and see if it helps.

The newborn outfit fits the bear cub fairly well as a t-shirt. I cut off about four inches from the bottom to turn it into a top and I hemmed the sleeves as closely as possible, and newborn sleeves apparently are three quarter sleeves on the bear cub. I do like this style for her though because like her sister, the nerdlet, her head is really big for her shoulders and most things that fit her this well are really difficult to get over her head.

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  1. awesome! I always count how many items I need to make to make it worth it too. I am way behind!