Saturday, March 2, 2013

Clothing Remake

I've been remaking clothing.  A number of the outfits that the girls wear a lot are permanently stained or have holes or other issues.  I'm sharing two of these with you.

Both of these dresses have been through multiple children and were well worn and well loved.
 This was a dress my MIL made and the zipper finally gave out.

This dress had chocolate milk and spaghetti sauce stains that I just could not get out.

The yellow dress I turned into a pair of shorts.  I simply cut the skirt from the top and placed the pattern pieces to avoid the stains.  I used Simplicity 5982 pattern for shorts with a width of size 6 months and a length of size 3.  I think they will fit all three of my girls and hopefully aren't too cutesy for the nerdlet to wear them since she is five.

The polkadot dress, I cut the skirt off the bodice and around the zipper.  Then I serged up the zipper side.

The I turned it so that the right side of the skirt was turned upside down and facing the right side of a pair of pre-made knee-high leggings of the nerdlet.

 Then I simply sewed around evenly from the top.  I briefly thought about pinning and decided against it.  I simply matched the front and side seams and stretched to fit as I sewed.

The finished product would have probably been more impressive if I had decided to iron out the hem.

I only have the bear cub with me right now so she got to model them for me.

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