Tuesday, March 26, 2013

McCall's 2149 Part 2

I finished Q's shirt, but before I share the pictures, I'd like to post what his current dress shirts that fit him look like.  These are the smaller versions.  The larger ones are much worse.  This is actually his favorite dress shirt and the one he wears most.

Here is the finished McCall's 2149 and while it isn't perfect, I'm so very happy with it.

I actually used pins while making this shirt, which is something that I rarely do.  There is no puckering anywhere.  While there are still a few wrinkles, I don't think it is appropriate to add seams in a man's shirts, though I do think I'll look for other designs during the upcoming pattern sales.  

I'm even going to post a few pictures of the inside, even though I don't normally do that because I used a technique that I've seen on a few blogs that I found to be very nice.  That technique is basically sewing the interfacing to the facing piece before flipping it to the wrong side and attaching it, which gives it a very nice edge on the inside.

In this last picture I'm flipping the facing piece up so that you can see the edge of the interfacing that is attached.  

I really like it and I think Q does too.  I have a version planned in a knit fabric for him, but I'm not sure when I'll get to it as I have quite a large list of things I want to get done first.

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