Monday, February 3, 2014

Making ties

While everyone else was apparently watching the superbowl, Q was entertaining the girls outside of the house so that I could get some sewing done.

I have about five dresses that are now cut out and at the beginning of assembly and I got to the ties.  I absolutely hate turning ties and so do just about anything to avoid that.  I thought I would show what I do so that I avoid it.

First I cut the straps as the pattern indicates.

Next I sew the very end up to the straight area.

Then I trim the corners.

I turn that area and bring out the points as best I can.

Then I iron while turning the seam allowances in (in this case 5/8")

Here is the strap ironed out.  You get a glimpse of the bodices from the upcoming dresses.

Then I just topstitch the whole thing.

I also do this with double fold bias tape.  I did not use bias tape here for two reasons:  one - I didn't have the right colors, and two - the straps needed to be the exact width (or really close to it) as the band across the bodice).  For the bias tape, I turn it inside out to do the end and sew the angle.  Then I flip it back inside and continue as above.  I'm not sure my method is really any less work, but it is less of a hassle to me and as I suffer some from arthritis, this is a lot easier on my fingers and hands.

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