Saturday, February 1, 2014

McCalls 6878

I'm going to be making a lot of yellow items in the near future.  I finished McCalls 6878 last night.  It's a brand new pattern and I couldn't find any reviews of it anywhere.  Here is the picture that the company posted on the front of the package.
I thought it was cute, if a little shorter than I like to have my girls wear and I was worried about the straps falling off as they really look like if this child moves they will fall off.

Turns out that I was way off on one and spot on on the other.  I made the size 4 since that works so well on McCalls 6875.  It was not too short.  It is longer than the long dresses and I actually put in a 4 inch hem.  I think it might be a good maxi for my 6-year-old if I were to just serge the bottom.  It is, however, falling off of the shoulders much more than this picture shows.  I suspect that they tacked the straps to make them curve less in the model and that they also put a much smaller sized dress on this model than she normally wears (possibly a size 2 on this size 5 child).

I couldn't tell when I finished it last night, but it looked very nice on the table.

It is huge.  After trying it on Darth Monkey, I tried to take it off and she wouldn't let me because 'she is going to wear her yellow princess dress!'  She also wouldn't model it for me, but here are the pics I did get.
My plan is to tack triangles off the of the straps in both the front and back where it will barely sit on the shoulder but will maybe at least stay on them.

I may make this again, but if I do, I will draft straight shoulders and likely change the construction of the sleeves quite a bit.


  1. What an adorable dress! When I made "strapped" dresses for my daughter I found altering the straps so they crossed over at the back helped them stay on the shoulders; otherwise one can redraft the bodice to have built-in wider shoulder seams. Your daughter looks so cute in it, and like she absolutely loves her new dress :)

    1. Thanks. I try to cross them when I can, too, but the sleeves here through me off. Sewing off the triangles helped a lot.