Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ottobre 2-2007 Tshirt Combo

So on the nerdlet's peacock dress post, Mother of Reinvention asked me if I had made any adult Ottobre patterns.  I have only made panties but I have traced a number of patterns off and decided to make one of them up.  This is a combination of Ottobre 2-2007-3 and 2-2007-5, which are both tshirts with slight variations.

I hadn't intended to trace off different sections and didn't realize that I had until I had finished the t-shirt up.  This was made in a size 46.  I chose it on the basis of most of my measurements and made no adjustments, but my chest measurement is a size bigger than the pattern.  I figured that the since it was a knit t-shirt it would be fine, but I think I might be more comfortable in a 48.

The fabric was sent to me by my cousin and it is incredibly soft.  It's actually been through the wash a number of times before the t-shirt was made because my girls are constantly playing with it and at one point the nerdlet even cut a big hole in the middle of it.  It was going to be my first maxi but because of the hole the plans for it changed and a number of smaller things are being and have been made from it.  There is another dress from the pattern that I used for the peacock dress coming up, but one of the bodice pieces has disappeared.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and I intend to make a number of other items for myself, though I may trace off larger sizes than the ones that I have waiting.


  1. Hi Kimberley. You look absolutely stunning in that top. The fabric is wonderful and you suit it so well. They really do have some great knit patterns in them. I just got pattern paper for tracing some off too. Thanks for the lovely inspiration! Xx

    1. I think I'm going to use the scuba knit I bought to make the one in the current issue, but it might be a little while until I get to it.